Walsh Harness & Saddlery 

Walsh Harness & Saddlery has a long and rich heritage of producing peerless products known for their craftsmanship, longevity and ease of use.  Walsh brand products are manufactured in their 40,000 square foot Brookfield, Wisconsin facility.

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British Halter
Product ID : WAL1234
Walsh British Halter
Product ID : WALCH
De Gogue
Product ID : WAL0000
Dressage Halter
Product ID : WAL1236
Black dressage halter with brass or stainless steel fittings
German Olympic Martingal
Product ID : WAL6666
Kentucky Halter
Product ID : Wal1235
Kentucky Halter with adjustable chin strap
Leather Side Reins
Product ID : WAL7777
Walsh English Leather Draw Reins(With Girth Strap)
Product ID : WAL4444
Walsh Fancy Stitched Leather Lead
Product ID : wfs456
Walsh Gag Cheeks
Product ID : WAL1212
Gag Cheeks
Walsh Grooming Halter
Product ID : WAL1238
Walsh Grooming Halter
Walsh Leather and Rope Drawreins
Product ID : WAL1111
Wals.h leather and rope drawreins
Walsh leather lead
Product ID : WAL1210
Leather lead with brass chain
Walsh Nylon Halter with Breakaway leather crown
Product ID : WAL1213
Nylon Halter with leather breakaway leather crown