Edgewood bridles are made of high quality bridle leather made in the USA. Calfskin is used in the padded pieces. Bridles are built to your needs and specifications making this one of the most customized bridles available.
Browband-raised fancy stitched
Product ID : edg0000
Cheek Pieces
Product ID : edb0006
Crown Piece
Product ID : edb0007
Unpadded crown piece-7/8"
Edgewood raised fancy stitched caveson
Product ID : edg0001
Edgewood Raised Fancy Stitched Reins
Product ID : efr456
Edgewood Standing Martingale
Product ID : edg1111
Padded Crown Piece
Product ID : edb0008
Raised Fancy Stitch Caveson-Padded
Product ID : edg0003
Raised Fancy Stitched Browband-padded
Product ID : edg0002
Unpadded Raised Fancy-Stitched 1" Caveson
Product ID : edb0005
Edgewood Rubber Reins
Product ID : err456
Edgewood Running Martingale
Product ID : erm456